New Mexico Gaming Control Board

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4900 Alameda Blvd NE Albuquerque New Mexico NM 87113 US

The New Mexico Gaming Control Board was established by statute in 1997 and funded during the 1998 legislative session.

The agency is tasked with the responsibility for regulating legalized gaming at New Mexico’s licensed racetracks and veteran and fraternal organizations. In addition, the agency is responsible for investigating and enforcing violations of the laws and regulations that prohibit illegal gambling activities in the state and monitoring New Mexico’s tribal gaming compacts through the appointment of a state gaming representative.

The Gaming Control Board members are state officials who are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the New Mexico State Senate. Current membership includes: Current membership includes: Board Chairman Patrick Garrett, Indy White, and Van Billops.

The Board’s licensing and certification process is rigorous, and designed to ensure that both the citizens of New Mexico as well as guests to our state can enjoy gaming in a fair and honest environment. During the licensing and certification process, the audit and law enforcement staff conduct thorough investigations of a business’ background, as well as that of all individuals associated with the business. The results of the investigation are then presented to the Gaming Control Board which considers the applicant’s suitability to conduct gaming operations in New Mexico.

While the measures employed during our application, compliance, and enforcement processes are admittedly strenuous, only by qualifying and then carefully regulating the venues and people involved in the gambling industry can we protect the public’s interests. We take our regulation of New Mexico’s gambling activities very seriously and violations of the Board’s rules or the New Mexico Gaming Control Act can result in severe administrative sanctions and criminal prosecution.

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