DOGA Webinar

Safer Gambling Week –

International Experts Address Rise in Gambling Problems in Denmark

Webinar Hosted by Spillebranchen – The Danish Online Gambling Association

Spillebranchen, the Danish Online Gambling Association, the trade organization for licensed betting and online casino operators in Denmark, is hosting a webinar as part of the Safer Gambling Week initiative created and coordinated by the European Betting and Gambling Association (EGBA). This virtual event convenes international experts to deliberate on the pressing matters related to the growing concerns of gambling issues in Denmark.

Background: In 2021, the Danish Government released a prevalence study revealing an uptick in gambling problems in Denmark. The statistics are striking – in just five years, the proportion of adult Danes experiencing low-level gambling problems surged from 5.2% to 10.9%. This equates to approximately 478,000 individuals, and the increase is statistically significant. Moreover, in 2021, nearly 29,500 adult Danes grapple with serious gambling problems, indicating 0.67% of the population. Although this is not statistically significant when compared to 2016, it remains a concerning issue. This surge in gambling problems also affects children and young people aged 12-17, with 6% experiencing low-level problems, and approximately 2,600 young individuals facing serious gambling problems, even though most forms of gambling are illegal for this age group.

Danish Government’s Investigation: Compelled by the rise in gambling addiction, the Danish Government is actively investigating ways to address the issue. One approach under consideration is regulating marketing practices within the gambling industry as a means to reduce gambling problems.

Webinar Highlights:

  1. Expert Insights: Our webinar features renowned experts who will provide their invaluable insights into responsible gambling and safer gaming practices. These experts will discuss the key findings from the Danish prevalence study and share their knowledge on addressing these challenges. Moreover, they will provide opinions and input on international best practices and identify potential low-hanging fruits for responsible gambling regulation in the Danish gambling market.
  2. Recommendations for the Danish Government: The experts will offer recommendations and best practices to address the escalating issue of gambling problems in Denmark, taking into account the international expertise and experience shared during the webinar.
  3. Notable Speakers:
  • Anders Dorph: CEO of the Danish Gambling Authority
  • Shelley White: A visionary leader from Canada, Shelley White has a distinguished career dedicated to empowering organizations for the betterment of communities. As the CEO of the Responsible Gambling Council, she brings a wealth of experience and insights into responsible gaming.
  • Maria Catania: With over fourteen years of experience in game integrity and safer gambling, Maria Catania is a gambling industry veteran. She has led responsible gaming strategies and research projects and has extensive knowledge in behavioral detection systems and consumer protection.
  • Thomas Nilsson: Thomas is a respected psychologist with extensive experience in gambling disorder, care and treatment as well as responsible gaming Thomas is a recognized in both Europe, the United States and Canada has worked with many responsible gambling companies, both outside and within Europe.
  • Moderator: Morten Ronde, CEO Spillebranchen