ACMA: National Gambling Self-exclusion Register One Step Closer

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Australia’s national self-exclusion register for online and phone gambling has moved a step closer with the release of industry rules for the register and the announcement of its new name – BetStop.

Under the rules, interactive wagering providers will be required to promote BetStop through their website, apps and marketing.

The rules also detail how wagering providers can find out if their customers are registered with BetStop. If a customer is registered, the provider must stop offering them wagering services and close their account.

BetStop will allow people to register to be excluded from all Australian licensed online and phone wagering services, such as those offering betting on horse racing or sports, from three months to permanently.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said BetStop will be an important national support mechanism for people who want to change their gambling habits.

“BetStop will help those at risk of gambling harm to take control of their situation, allowing them to block themselves from all licensed online and phone wagering services in a single process,” Ms O’Loughlin said.

“BetStop will be up and running in the coming months. It is now time for industry to get ready and to have their systems and processes in place to protect their customers and use BetStop.

“People who want to change their gambling habits can also start exploring whether BetStop can play a role to help them make those choices.”

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