Armenia toughens stance against legal gaming

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Nikol Pashinián, the prime minister of Armenia, has voiced his concerns about the “social problems in village communities” that the growing gambling activity in the country causes. He urged that “these devices should simply be removed.”

“How should we organise this in order for us to truly solve this problem accurately, this is a very important question,” the statement begins. “Overall when we look at our economic growth indicators it turns out that these gambling machines have become the leading branch of our economy.”

Then continues: “This is totally absurd, and our policy should be to change our logic: on one hand it encourages poverty, on the other hand, pardon me, [gambling addiction]”.

 “We must pursue a kind of policy where we won’t encourage neither the first one nor the second, this is a very serious problem and people, families, fates and others are being affected,” the PM said.

“There is no problem, we will discuss openly, transparently, publicly, we will understand whose interests are more taken into account, whose not, where objective issues exist, we will exclude them and solve this problem, because this really is a serious problem, and people are alarming about this problem in masses,” he concluded.


Source: Focus Gaming News