ASA dismisses complaints over Betfair TV ad

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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that the TV ad for Betfair had not breached the advertising code and that no further action is necessary.

The ad in question showed a young man checking his mobile phone while walking down the pavement and going through what appeared to be a “secret” door leading to a room with a large screen that showed horse racing.

A voice-over stated: “My gut says that horse is something special and my smarts say to back it on the Betfair Exchange where I get bigger returns than if I bet with one of these other bookies. That’s why I go to Betfair. Betfair, where gut instinct meets smarts.”

Complaints were submitted, challenging the idea that depicting the betting experience in this manner “exploits the susceptibilities of young men”, however, the regulatory body ruled that there was no breach of advertising rules.

Betfair, responding to the complaints, explained that its advert sought to show customers that the operator could offer better value for money in comparison to other bookmakers. The protagonist was not shown to be placing any bets, thus not suggesting that gambling had any holding over the man’s life. Also, the advertisement did not, in any way, exploit any susceptibilities of under-18s, but rather was attempting to educate its customers about the range of odds available.

Considering the response to the complaints from the operator, the ASA ruled that while they considered the character to be deemed aspirational—in reference to his “smarts”—the decision to place a bet using the Betfair Exchange was deemed to be depicted responsibly.