Betway Under Investigation for Allowing Customer to Gamble with Stolen Funds

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British betting firm Betway has come under review by the UK Gambling Commission for allowing a problem gambler play through £370,000 of stolen cash.

The gambling watchdog is investigating if the operator was lax in ensuring if Ben Jones, 30, was able to afford the sums he has been wagering. Ben had stolen cash from The Cake Decorating Co, where he worked as a wholesale manager.

Earlier, a court heard the case and it was presented that Ben was suffering from gambling addiction and his addiction was so compelling that it can be categorised as a “psychiatric disorder.”

Ben had been draining his employer for over three and a half years taking £30,000 a month and feeding his appetite for gambling.

While the gambling regulator is investigating Betway, Ben’s former employers are also planning to sue the operator.

“We were badly let down. Gambling companies have a regulatory duty to prevent stolen money from being gambled. Adequate money-laundering checks were not carried out, which left us vulnerable to this crime,” Daniel White, owner of The Cake Decorating Co, said.