British Columbia to regulate gaming industry

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The lawmakers of British Columbia, Canada, will meet this week to formulate potential measures to regulate the gaming industry aiming at curbing money-laundering operations. The local press reported quoting Attorney General David Eby that local legislators began the debate last Monday on suspicious money-laundering activities, including local real estate transactions.

“Asking Peter German to take on a second round of investigation and review, this time around, money laundering in real estate, given a number of serious concerns that we have that have come out of his work and out of some media reports on that,” the British Columbia representative explained to News1130.

He said money-laundering regulations regarding gaming industry will be one of the first orders of business. Furthermore, he added that “former RCMP deputy commissioner, who recently uncovered evidence of money laundering in casinos, made 48 recommendations now being reviewed by ministry staff.”

And Eby concluded: “At the end of the day, I think British Columbians recognize that this is not free money. That money that is the proceeds of crime starts with how the money was generated. We have a fentanyl crisis. We have crime on the streets as gangs fight over the proceeds of the drug trade.”