Caymans Island’s proposed gambling law amendment faces delay

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The Caribbean Cayman Islands is going ahead with the proposed amendment of gambling laws. However, there, but the process has been delayed, as the government is analysing various aspects of the proposals.

The Gaming Bill 2018 proposals were submitted two months ago, proposing more constraints on what can be done with gambling on the islands and who can participate in it. One of the proposals of the bill is to raise fines for illegal gambling from US$400 to $10,000 and an increase in prison sentences from one to three years.

Currently, gambling is illegal in the Cayman Islands, covered by regulations passed over 50 years ago. Opposition leader Ezzard Miller is advocating for a radical change in the gambling law. He pointed out that the world has changed dramatically since the ban was introduced and now many citizens were gambling online. He is in favour of legalising lotteries so that they can be controlled and taxed.