ESBK Receives Applications for Online Gaming Licences

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Eidgenössische Spielbankenkommission (ESBK), the Swiss gambling regulator, has received applications from four casino operators for online gaming licence. The four operators are Grand Casino Baden, Casino Davos, Grand Casino Luzern and Casino Zürichsee.

ESBK will check with the Swiss National Council, the Bundesrat, to make the final decision.

Operators who get the licence will be able to offer services such as poker and roulette but also face strict measures on setting maximum sums for poker tournaments, small lotteries and raffles.

For poker, the maximum single entry fee will be CHF200 (£152/€176/$196) for small tournaments and the limit of total entry fees CHF20,000. For lotteries and raffles, the limits will depend on the size of the lottery.