Gamban to Offer Gambling Blocking Product in Spanish

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The UK-based gambling block provider Gamban is expanding its service with a Spanish-language version of its software. It said the product can be downloaded in all Spanish-speaking countries although it’s particularly thinking of Spain where the government has been focusing closely on safer gambling and has introduced restrictions on gambling advertising.

The Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs has been seeking further new safer gambling legislation and has been working on the integration of problem gambling treatment services across Spain’s 17 autonomous regions.

Gamban CEO Jack Symons said: “Spanish has the second largest population of native speakers in the world, so this is a really important step in ensuring blocking software is accessible to as many people harmed by gambling as possible.”

He added: “We’ve gone from strength to strength since we launched in 2015, setting the standard in gambling blocking software. Gamban’s used by thousands of people worldwide and we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback with some users informing the team that it has literally saved their life.

“Taking the first step continues to be the hardest challenge and much of our time goes into making Gamban as simple and straightforward to install as possible.”

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