Gambling Companies Breaches Advertising Rules in New South Wales

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Gambling operators in New South Wales have got penalised for breaching new advertising rules which ban free bet sign up offers.

In 2018, NSW lawmakers passed a law that banned free bet sign up offers aiming to draw customers to gambling websites. Such promotions can only be featured on racing websites.

“Violators of the new rules risk facing fines of up to A$55,000 and that all potential breaches would be probed. All NSW-facing gambling companies have recently been put on notice that responsible gambling conduct needs to improve,” Liquor & Gaming NSW, the local gambling regulator said.

Prosecutors have detected multiple violations of the rules since the new law took effect. Multiple online gambling companies have been found out to have used other websites to induce customers to gamble via free bet offers upon signing up.

Ladbrokes, bet365, PointsBet, Paddy Power’s Sportsbet, and Tabcorp are just a few of the major gambling operators convicted for offering promotions that have violated the new law.