June 4th will be the online gaming licensing date in PA

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In a significant new development, The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has fixed June 4th as the starting date for the submission of Interactive Gaming License applications.

The new announcement of PGCB says that all operators who want to offer any sort of online gaming platforms in the state can submit their Interactive Gaming License applications on June 4th. There will be some mandatory procedures, such as filling-up of a 59-page form, which is available at the PGCB’s website.  It is also mandatory that all applicants are required to be fingerprinted before the start of a background investigation for individual applicants and entities.

Not only will applications need to be worth US$1 million, but they will need to be partnered with a land-based casino operator in the state. Land-based casino companies will have an edge, as they will be able to build their own platform and bid by themselves – although smaller operators are expected to partner with experienced online casino software companies.

The PGCB already has work to do as it will receive applications from interactive gaming manufacturers, suppliers and service providers today. There will be a 90-day application period through mid-July for the all-in-one licence covering online slots, online table games, and online peer-to-peer gaming. Afterwards, companies that want to bid for only one kind of licence can start doing so for US$4 million each. Non-Pennsylvanian operators can apply for the individual licences after 120 days, or sometime around August.