Mindway AI Collaborates With the Hellenic Gaming Commission to Ensure Player Protection

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The aim of the cooperation between Mindway AI and the Hellenic Gaming Commission is to enhance player protection in the Greek gambling industry. The two parties seek to elaborate on the risk assessment methodology applied to assess whether a player is about to develop problem gambling behavior.

Mindway AI has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Hellenic Gaming Commission on issues related to responsible gambling, the protection of players and gambling addiction prevention.

“We are pleased that the Hellenic Gaming Commission has shown us the trust to collaborate with us utilizing our in-depth scientific expertise and potentially our award-winning player protection software built on a unique combination of neuroscience, AI, and human psychologists’ assessments,” the Chief Executive Officer for Mindway AI, Rasmus Kjaergaard, said.

Originally, Mindway AI’s player protection software was developed to be implemented by operators as an early detector of problematic gambling behavior but we have found that it might be used across an entire market as well.

“The idea of using our expertise and maybe our software across a full market gambling jurisdiction in Greece is exciting and innovative. Together with Hellenic Gambling Commission, we intend to co-create the needed adjustments to adapt to the extra requirements that may occur when this new approach can cover a whole market and not solely individual operators,” Kjaergaard said.

Within the framework of their collaboration, the two parties shall evaluate the use of AI software in combination with neuroscientific insights and expert assessments to identify at-risk gambling behavior. The Hellenic Gaming Commission will then seek to take initiatives and proper measures and proceed with interventions, both at the regulatory and supervisory-audit levels, to handle at-risk gambling behavior and minimize the harm related to gambling addiction.

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