Namibia to Permit Legal Gambling Operations

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Namibian Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta, has told that the rules and regulations in Namibia are ready to permit legal operation of slots once more.

The remark from the minister came during a meeting in Oshakati with local slot operators prior to the drafting of the new Gambling and Entertainment Control Act 2018, which will be completed shortly. Currently, gambling in the country is administered under the Casinos and Gambling Houses Act of 1994.

“The new legislation will mean that venues can be registered and operations will be through a monitoring system. Inspectors would be introduced with the power of arrest and to seize assets,” Shifeta said.

“The industry wants to operate legally and we need to be licensed. The process should be straightforward, not cumbersome,” Tomas Jindji, chairman of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce said.