Nigerian National Lotteries Regulatory Commission Grants Betway License Extension

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Leading global online betting and gaming brand Betway has announced the renewal of the national gaming license of Betway from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission in Abuja, enabling its operations in all 36 states and 774 local government areas in Nigeria for another five years.

The Director General of the Commission, Mr. Lanre Gbajabiamila, while presenting the renewed license to the Betway team commented on the high compliance of Betway to regulations guiding the gaming and betting category in the past five years, saying that Betway is one of the most compliant betting companies in Nigeria.

He commended the management and board of the company and encouraged them to continue with this impeccable compliance record while assuring the Betway team of a regulator-business relationship that is even better than the very cordial relationship experienced in the recent past.

Anthony Werkman on behalf of the Betway brand said: “We are honoured to have had the privilege of serving our Nigerian customers in a way that is consistent with our global practices by putting customer satisfaction and responsible gaming at the centre of our operations, so we are truly grateful to the National Lottery Regulatory Commission for extending our licence in Nigeria. As a brand, Betway considers regulatory compliance in any country where it operates as a primary responsibility and ensuring our customers are playing in a fair, safe, secure and responsible environment, will help us to continue to grow globally.”

Mr. Chris Ubosi who lead the team to receive the renewed license added that Betway has long been well-regarded due to their generous service in various Nigerian communities with initiatives that include the donation of relief materials to flood victims in Bayelsa State, the provision of portable water in Lagos, the donation of several million’s worths of sports equipment to gyms across Nigeria and the provision of medical finance assistance alongside the Lagos State Gaming Authority.

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