Norway’s Lottstift Warns Newspapers

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The Norwegian gambling regulator Lotteri-og stiftelsestilsynet (Lottstift), has issued a warning which targets the local newspapers. The regulator said that many Norwegian newspapers included in their articles odds offered by unlicensed operators, which is illegal.

According to local laws, in order to protect Norwegian gamblers, those companies are not allowed to market or offer gambling in the country. “One part of our job is to help ensure that Norwegian laws and regulations are known in society,” the regulator said.

“Getting Norwegian newspapers to write about their gaming offers is one of the methods illegal gambling companies use to gain publicity and create a brand. We also saw this in the 2015 elections. We will not intervene in editorial decisions, but we will urge Norwegian editors to be aware of this, and critical when they write cases that deal with illegal gambling companies,” Henrik Nordal, department director of the regulator said.

“Earlier this year, we oversaw two Norwegian press release services, and we concluded that extensive publication of this type of press release from various illegal gambling companies violated the prohibition on marketing and dissemination of gambling. We are concerned that gaming companies are using new marketing methods that at the same time challenge the distinction between editorial content and advertising. It will be more difficult for readers to discover if they are exposed to attempts at being influenced by the gaming companies,” Lottstift said.

“When the media writes these cases, they help to legitimise illegal gambling companies their illegal activity aimed at Norwegians. The company is mentioned without the reader being informed that they are illegal players in Norway, and it is already true that 6 out of 10 Norwegians do not know or are unsure of who can offer money games in Norway and not,” Lottstift added.