Poland adds over 5,400 domains in the register of prohibited sites

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Poland’s Ministry of Finance has created a ministry of prohibited websites, and there are more than 5,400 domains already in the list. The telecommunications and payment companies could be fined with PLN 250,000 penalty for allowing access to these websites and thereby breaking the gambling law.

As of January 2nd this year there were 5,414 domains on the list. The Ministry indicates the obligations associated with the register, which should be kept in mind by telecommunications undertakings and payment service providers.

Failure to comply with these obligations may result in an administrative fine of up to PLN 250,000–The Ministry underlined.

Pursuant to the Gambling Act, telecommunications companies that provide internet access services must prevent access to websites entered in the register and redirect connections that refer to sites entered in the register—to the website maintained by the Minister of Finance. There is information on possible penal and fiscal liability for participants of games organised against the provisions of the Act.

Payment service providers are required not to disclose payment services on websites entered in the register—explains MF.

The statement clarifies that the control in respect of compliance with the obligations set out in the Gambling Act for telecommunications companies and payment service providers is exercised by the Ministry of Finance and the National Tax Administration, in cooperation with the Office of Electronic Communications and the Financial Supervision Authority.