Queensland Parliament Passes New Laws Restricting Cash Gambling at Casinos

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The Queensland Parliament has passed new laws restricting cash gambling at casinos. New laws will increase regulatory scrutiny and enhance the integrity of Queensland casinos, with a focus on reducing gambling harm.

The reforms enable the government to implement the remaining recommendations of the Review of the Queensland operations of The Star Entertainment Group by the Honourable Robert Gotterson AO KC.

It marks the second raft of substantial legislative changes to the Casino Control Act 1982 in the past two years.

Under the legislation, casinos will be required to:

  • implement mandatory carded play for certain games and activities, with restrictions on the use of cash, as well as mandatory pre-commitment, with time limits and enforced player breaks
  • issue player cards and collect information relating to play and provide certain de-identified data to the regulator
  • comply with an enforceable code of conduct to be defined in a regulation
  • pay a supervision levy to the government to cover the costs of casino regulation and to fund harm minimisation programs
  • take steps to exclude people who are banned from interstate casinos by an interstate police commissioner.

The legislation increases regulatory scrutiny, requiring Queensland casinos to undergo a periodic review of their operations and suitability at least every five years. Certain outdated and potentially stigmatising language was also removed from the legislation.

The reforms also enhance and modernise casino inspectorate powers, by updating the way inspectors may request information and allowing them to interview minors and excluded persons on casino premises (if the minor or excluded person is found on the premises).

The new laws represent the second set of substantial reforms to the Casino Control Act in the past two years.

Previous reforms implemented by the government in 2022 removed barriers to disciplinary action and ensure that meaningful penalties could be levelled against casinos where warranted.

The earlier reforms, which allowed government to fine casino entities up to $100 million and appoint a special manager to oversee their operations, were key in disciplinary action taken against The Star Entertainment Group in December 2022.

Quotes attributable to the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, Yvette D’Ath:

“Queenslanders have the right to expect casinos are being operated lawfully and in a way that minimises harm.

“The new laws will help ensure Queensland casinos operate with integrity and that they have measures in place to prevent gambling harm and combat money laundering.

“Importantly, these reforms pave the way to implementing the remaining recommendations of the Gotterson Review, with the government now focused on developing the regulations required to enforce these reforms.”

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