Regulatory expert warns operators that Gambling Commission is increasing number of compliance inspections

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Richard Bradley of Poppleston Allen, says firm are noticing an increase in enquiries relating to potential compliance failings 

Richard Bradley, Partner and gambling industry compliance expert at Poppleston Allen said: “Our advice to operators, over and above the obvious reminder to regularly review compliance processes meticulously, with a particular focus on monitoring customer accounts and player behaviour, is to be proactive and cooperative when engaging with the Gambling Commission. Where operators identify their own non-compliance concerns, they should act swiftly to assess all relevant details and implement a robust action plan in a timely manner.  If the failings must be notified to the Gambling Commission, this should be completed at the earliest possible stage. Where the Commission raises concerns, operators should engage with the Commission and be able to identify the measures to be implemented to resolve any suspected breaches, presenting effective operational solutions”.

“We’re noticing an increase in enquiries relating to potential compliance failings and we also see that the Gambling Commission is increasing the number of compliance inspections. It’s clear that operational scrutiny is intensifying and in the event of any failures, waiting to be caught out and taking a reactive rather than proactive approach could result in more severe penalties.   Fines and regulatory settlements are also increasing,  particularly for repeat offenders, and there is always the risk of licence revocation, albeit that is currently reserved for the most serious cases.

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