Russia’s draft law offers easy rulers for gambling operators to simplify legal requirements for bookies

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Russia has simplified the rules of gambler’s identification in draft law that was approved in the Russian Parliament. The parliament has adopted the first reading the draft law, which specifically focuses on simplifying the gambling rules.

At present, the gambling players have to pass a double identification process: first from the bookmaker, and then from the centre of online bets control.

As per the new draft proposal, bookmakers will be able to accept online bets from players who have been identified in the centre of online bets control. The draft law provides for the centre to simplify the identification of gambler. The bill also establishes standards for licensing control of bookmakers.

President of Russian bookmakers organisation Darina Denisova commented on the news:

“In this case, it’s better late than never. I look for the fastest adoption of the final text of the bill and its entry into force. Simplified identification will make it easier for our legal bookmakers to operate and at the same time it will make them much more competitive than off-shore bookmakers, which usually do not follow the players’ registration rules. I have almost no doubt that legal Russian bookmakers will be able to win the battle for the clients.”