SKS365 Further Enhances Its Legal, Compliance And AML Function By Appointing A Supervisory Body

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The new supervisory body will comprise four professionals
with proven experience in the legal, academic and military sectors:
Antonio Conte, Massimo Ignesti, Stefano Mele and Ranieri Razzante

At SKS365 we are committed to being leaders in Legal, Compliance and AML to further ensure a safe, fair and open environment for our customers, therefore the Company is proud to announce that its Legal, Compliance and AML infrastructure grows stronger with the adoption of a state-of-the-art organisational model pursuant to law 231/2001. The Company announces the establishment of a Supervisory Body and the appointment of four new senior members with proven experience in the legal, academic and military sectors.

The Supervisory Body will work alongside the Legal, Compliance and AML Department and will be entrusted with independent control, audit and risk management tasks across the Company.

SKS365 – international gaming and betting operator with a leading market share in Italy through the Planetwin365 brand – carefully selected the following four professionals that will comprise the Supervisory Body:

Massimo Ignesti (Chairman), an international expert on security and terrorism financing; Brigadier General (retired) of the Carabinieri Corps. General Ignesti comes with a background as commanding officer of domestic and overseas investigative units; senior intelligence officer; as well as Corporate Security Manager at Eni;

Prof. Avv. Ranieri Razzante (Deputy Chairman), a foremost legal scholar; Chair in Anti-crime Legislation at the University of Bologna; Director of the Center for Research on Security and Terrorism; President of the Italian Association of Anti-Money Laundering and Special Adviser to the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission;
Avv. Antonio Conte, a leading barrister; Past President of the Bar Council of Rome;

Avv. Stefano Mele, a cybersecurity expert; President of the Cyber Security Commission of the Italian Atlantic Committee; President of the Cybersecurity Working Group of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AmCham). Avv. Mele has been designated a “Key Opinion Leader for Cyberspace Security” by Born as well as one of the “20 best Cyber Policy Experts in the world” by Forbes Magazine.

The Legal & Compliance department has selected four profiles with diversified and complementary skills. The Supervisory Body will be pivotal to SKS’s legal, compliance and AML systems. In addition to the usual audit tasks, the Supervisory Body will oversee the security of the IT networks and of the financial flows, the risk management function and will work alongside the AML/MLRO to further develop the Company’s internal control systems to prevent potential offenses within our sector, constantly exposed to risks.

SKS365’s Country Manager, Francesco Gaziano, quipped: “We continue to attract high-profile, leading professionals and recognised experts. Our talent pool is becoming a distinctive competitive advantage. We keep investing in compliance, risk management and internal controls. In fact, we believe that compliance is a competitive lever and creates value by improving reputation, enhancing transparency, and reducing operational risk for the benefit of our customers and employees. For SKS365 it is essential that we offer to our customers a safe, fair and open environment where they can enjoy our entertaining product and share our passion for sports”. “SKS365 – he highlights – has been executing a spectacular turnaround. The new management is serious about getting without any exception. I tell you, we are building the absolute best-in-class in the industry”.