Spain to Impose Restrictions on Gambling Advertising

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The Spanish government is going to impose new restrictions on the gaming industry. However, it has already transpired that gambling advertising in Spain will be allowed for 4 hours in the morning. It will cover 1 to 5 AM.

The Minister of Culture, Alberto Garzón, will meet with industry representatives to explain measures the regulation includes, such as restrictions for gambling advertising in Spain.

The government explained the measures will cover three axes. On one hand, they will establish the hours when gambling advertising in Spain will air. Moreover, advertising must relate to betting on an event that is happening at the time of launching. Finally, they will reduce advertising permissions in general.

“The issue of gambling advertising in Spain is chaos. It is the law of the jungle. It is a public health problem in which we have to intervene,” the Minister of Consumer Affairs said.

“Some autonomous communities have a list of self-excluded people who know they have a problem. However, if they pass to another autonomous community they can bet. These gaps exist, but there are things to regulate,” he added.

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