Sweden to release details of license application process

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Sweden’s national lottery regulatory body, Lotteriinspektionen, will provide application documents for new licenses in the country in public domain from July 10.

The licenses are envisaged by the new gambling bill, which will come into effect from January 1, 2019.

The bill proposes changes in various aspects such as international cooperation, responsible gambling, supervision, and fees.

Sweden’s parliament had voted 282-19 in favour of the bill and the regulator said it expects to also secure government approval by July 5 at the earliest.

Should this be the case, application documents will be made available soon after in preparation for the regulator to open the licensing process as planned on August 1.

In addition, as part of the preparation, the regulator said that its regulations and guidelines included in the bill will be pre-published on its website after July 24.

These rules will come into force on a preliminary basis on September 1, prior to full regulation from the start of next year.

In a statement, the regulator added: “Stakeholders show great interest in the re-regulation of the Swedish gambling market, also internationally.”

“Many operators have already shown interest in applying for a licence in Sweden, which, according to plan, shall be possible from 1 August.”


Source: iGamingBusiness