Swifty Global (Dear Cashmere Holding Company), Confirms the Award of its UK Gambling License

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Dear Cashmere Holding Company, known as Swifty Global (Swifty), is a technology company focused on creating ground-breaking solutions in the Financial and Sports Betting Sectors. The company has developed two disruptive mobile applications (apps) for sports predictions and a digital wallet which encompasses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Transactions.

Following its award of the Curacao license in November 2021, Swifty is now pleased to announce that it has successfully obtained its UK gambling license. The coveted UK license is the “Gold Standard” and one of the most difficult gambling licenses in the world to obtain. Its award now allows Swifty to upload its eagerly anticipated Swifty Predictions application to the UK Apple and Android stores, allowing users in the UK to download the app and register their account. In addition, Swifty has completed their 3rdparty security audit and is now adding the relevant payment providers. This couldn’t take place until the UK license was approved. Once the payment gateway is live, the software will be submitted for certification which, once obtained, will be made available in the licensed regions. Swifty’s in-house development team are working overtime to ensure that the product goes live as quickly as possible. The commercial team is simultaneously working on obtaining several further gambling licences, including for certain states in the USA.

To grow its user base in the licensed regions, Swifty is preparing to roll out its aggressive marketing plan, with the initial focus being to capture as many users as quickly as possible. From this point, the highly interactive Swifty predictions app brings a new form of engaged betting to users which Swifty is confident will stimulate a substantial amount of viral marketing.

After the successful “soft launch” of its Digital Wallet during the month of March, where several thousand users downloaded and used Swifty’s pre-configured digital currency wallet, the official launch of both the Swifty Wallet and Swifty Predictions app will take place in May. The official launch functions are expected to encompass several celebrity endorsements.

The Swifty Wallet will offer a referral scheme within the wallet itself. This will allow users to refer the app to other users, thereby earning credits which will be cashed in against the Swifty Token. The Swifty Token is scheduled to be launched once Swifty’s user base has reached a critical mass. The company anticipates this being in Autumn 2022. Referral vouchers will also double up to enter referrers into weekly prize draws.

Swifty will aggressively target the UK market to rapidly gain a lucrative share of the existing market whilst also creating a new category of gambling with its proprietary “swipe” technology for micro betting. This will create a new market of users who enjoy a more social, fun, and engaging form of gambling. According to the UK Gambling Commissioner, the UK’s online sports betting and casino gambling market was worth 6.9 billion pounds between March 2020 and April 2021. This was up 18.4% from the previous year. Despite the size of the UK market, there are only 287 companies that have a remote betting operating license and 469 companies that have a gambling software development license in the UK.

Swifty Global CEO, James Gibbons, commented, “We are ecstatic to have finally obtained this license following months of processes to demonstrate our compliance. We were always confident of obtaining the license since, in addition to our compliance, our technology, AML, and KYC capability is both next generation and world leading. However, it is a process that we had to go through, and we are very pleased to now finally be in the game within one of the world’s most active and lucrative gambling markets. We are excited to launch the Swifty Predictions app, especially since it’s within a few weeks of the successful launch of our Swifty Wallet. I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished and incredibly optimistic about our next quarter of business and beyond.”

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