Thai House Committee to Study Legalisation of Casinos

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The Thai House of Representatives has established a 60-member committee tasked with exploring the potential establishment of entertainment complexes with of casinos. The aim would be to address illegal gambling while boosting the economy.

The proposal to form the committee was submitted by members of parliament representing various political parties. The motion underwent deliberation during a House meeting chaired by House Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha.

During the debate, United Thai Nation Party list MP Chatchawal emphasised the financial losses incurred due to Thai citizens travelling to neighbouring countries for gambling. He said he initially proposed the legalisation of casinos 30 years ago but had faced significant opposition.

Chatchawal proposed the establishment of at least five entertainment complexes with casinos across the country to create employment opportunities for Thai citizens. The committee has been given 90 days to fulfil its task.

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