The government of Bermuda likely to give a nod of yes to new casino regulation

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The Parliament of Bermuda is busy with the mooting of a casino legalisation. In view of this, the government of the island of Bermuda might give a nod of yes to new casino regulation.

With the Tourism Minister, Jamahl Simmons striving for the approval of the law, the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda Island could emerge as a new casino market. The attempt made this week to introduce the debate in the local Congress’ session could come into force promptly provided Simmons demanded legislators do not delay the project further.

Simmons revealed to the local newspaper, The Royal Gazette: “Under new leadership, the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission is working with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, via my ministry as the instructing government body, to ensure that these regulations are enacted without further delay.” He added: “In fact, the Attorney-General’s Chambers and the commission have agreed that for expediency and without sacrificing due diligence in the drafting process, the prudent way forward would be to complete the drafting and enactment of the regulatory package, under the negative resolution procedure, in three phases.”

The government of the Bermuda Islands has established that the MPs will get a free vote on a casino bill aimed at setting an independent Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission under ministerial control. Furthermore, the government revealed that PLP MPs will get a conscience vote on the legislation.