U.S. Integrity Partners with LIV Golf

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U.S. Integrity and LIV Golf announced a formal partnership for gaming integrity monitoring, compliance, and education. The partnership also provides LIV Golf with access to ProhiBet, an innovative technology that detects prohibited gaming behavior, developed in collaboration with Odds On Compliance.

“This partnership with U.S. Integrity is critical as we enhance our presence in the sports gaming space. Establishing the highest standards in all aspects of our competition processes and operations is of primary importance to LIV Golf. Similar to many top sports leagues, working with industry-leading partners like U.S. Integrity demonstrates our commitment to ensuring gaming integrity within our sport,” said LIV Golf Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Burian.

U.S. Integrity partners with some of the largest professional sports leagues and collegiate conferences in the U.S., as well as licensed sports-gaming operators and regulators. The organization conducts meticulous analysis across a myriad of data sets, enabling the early detection of irregularities within contest-level activities, officiating decisions, and wagering trends. The insights garnered from this data monitoring drive the creation of detailed reports, effortlessly accessible through a fully customized online dashboard, providing real-time access to essential information for leagues, regulators, and operators.

“We are excited to collaborate with LIV Golf. Combining ProhiBet’s cutting-edge encrypted data transfer system with LIV Golf’s commitment to preserving sports integrity will enhance the transparency and reliability of their sports betting operations,” said U.S. Integrity Founder and CEO Matt Holt.

Designed to safeguard sports integrity and ensure adherence to state-specific regulations, U.S. Integrity and ProhiBet will play a pivotal role in preventing prohibited sports wagering. ProhiBet’s cutting-edge technology provides a secure and transparent method for sports properties, both professional and collegiate, and sportsbook operators, to ensure that athletes, coaches, and league administrative staff remain compliant with the intricate web of state regulations that govern sports gaming activities.

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