UK Gambling Commission Adds Nine Members to its Industry Forum

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The UK Gambling Commission has announced the newly appointed members of the Industry Forum.

The Forum – made up of members from Britain’s gambling industry – will provide the Commission with further insight into the views of operators.

Forum members include:

Nick Rust (OBE) – Chair

Tony Boulton

Kirsty Caldwell

Charles Cohen

Ashley Padgett

Mark Pearson

Nigel Roddis

Leo Walker

Helen Walton

David Williams

Nick Rust, Chair of the Forum, said: “We had more than 40 applications from across the gambling industry from people wanting to take an active role in the inaugural Industry Forum.

“It was difficult to leave quite a few of those people out, but I’m delighted with the quality and experience of the appointees, and hope as a group we can offer perspectives from across all parts of the industry which the Commission can draw upon to help evolve and improve its performance as the regulator.”

The first meeting of the Forum will be held on March 21, where members will begin the work of sharing their insight and experience with the Commission.

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