UK Labour Party Leader Asks UKGC to Cancel the Licenses of Online Gambling Operators

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UK Labour Party’s Deputy Leader, Tom Watson, has asked the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to cancel the gambling licenses of all online gambling operators who got their licenses after 2014. Watson has written a letter to the UKGC CEO, Neil McArthur and Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright, concerning the malpractices in the UK gambling industry.

Tom Watson had warned that problem gambling is an epidemic in disguise. He said that problem gambling is a public health issue and urged for more research into problem gambling and also for “far more specialist treatment for an addiction that ruins lives.”

Watson says that such operators would need to reapply. He believes that would help in making operators more responsible and also would weed out operators that lack professional and social integrity. He is also seeking a revision of the entire 2005 gambling act.