UKGC: Mark Jarvis to pay penalty package for customer interaction failures

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Bookmaker Mark Jarvis is to pay £94,000 and overhaul its social responsibility procedures after failing to protect a customer who was showing signs of problem gambling.

Over a 19-month period the operator failed to follow customer interaction rules when a customer showed problem gambling traits, including spending £34,000 on B2 gaming machines in one betting shop. Of this £11,250 was stolen from the customer’s employer.

Customer interaction codes are in place to ensure operators spot the early signs of problem gambling and then step in to stop harmful gambling.

Richard Watson, Gambling Commission Executive Director, said: “This case is a clear example of why gambling operators must have and implement effective social responsibility policies and procedures. All operators, regardless of size, need to ensure they really know their customers”.

All operators are advised to read Mark Jarvis regulatory settlement for further details and lessons to be learned.