UKGC to launch probe into unlicensed gambling streams

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The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is going to launch an enquiry following a Eurogamer investigation that unearthed two websites played by streamers were unlicensed. It is currently illegal for unlicensed websites to be promoted on live-streaming websites. UKGC is in talks with Twitch about the investigation.

The commission asked Eurogamer not to publicize the two sites for preventing any kind of promotion that could arise from it. “We do not talk about individual cases but I can explain our approach to unlicensed sites. When illegal gambling websites are brought to our attention we take a number of proportionate steps to protect consumers in Britain,” said a spokesperson of the UKGC.

“This will initially involve assessment of whether the site is actually used by consumers in Britain, and then may include engagement with the site owners, and ultimately working closely with advertising and payment providers to cut off sources of customers and access to funds. We are currently working with Twitch to prevent unlicensed sites being advertised on their platform,” added the spokesperson.