VGT Settles Intellectual Property Lawsuit Against Castle Hill

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US-based Video Gaming Technologies has the settlement of its lawsuit against Castle Hill Gaming, Inc (CHG), for intellectual property infringement. The company filed the case in 2017 over alleged infringements of certain VGT trademarks, trade dress and trade secrets.

As per the settlement terms, CHG will not use the game titles New Money, Arctic Cash, Arctic Ice and Welcome to Nugget Mountain, along with any associated artwork and characters, and any variations of these games, anymore. CHG will also remove certain machine features and paytables. The implementation of all the agreed terms will be completed by April 1, 2020.

CHG will also pay a compensation of $3 million to VGT.

Hector Fernandez, President, Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. said, “This settlement again confirms VGT’s (and Aristocrat’s) determination to protect our intellectual property, including VGT’s market-leading Class II portfolio. We will continue to be proactive and aggressive in defending our assets going forward.”