W2 By FullCircl and Crucial Compliance Bolster Player Protection Tools Through Mutual Integration

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Referral partnership strengthened through a single integration for identity verification and player protection

W2 By FullCircl and Crucial Compliance are thrilled to announce their mutual integration. This partnership builds upon the successful referral-based collaboration initiated in 2020 and represents a significant leap forward in providing operators with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge identity verification, financial risk and player protection tools.

With W2’s market leading Regtech orchestration platform combined with the Crucial Player Protection platform; this integration will enable operators to seamlessly access both companies’ industry-leading services through a single, user-friendly access point.

Through the integration, operators will gain the advantage of streamlined and efficient process for verifying the identity of players whilst simultaneously ensuring the highest standard of player protection and responsible gambling practices.

W2’s platform contains 400-plus services from 20-plus suppliers, providing operators with a range of KYC, AML, fraud prevention, document verification and financial risk checks through a single point of access. The Crucial Player Protection platform is a one-stop shop combining multi-system integration, player behaviour automation and modelling to provide compliance teams with the tools to manage and interact with players at scale.

“We are absolutely delighted to take this next step in our journey with Crucial Compliance,” the Identity Solutions Executive Vice-President for W2, Warren Russell, said. “Building upon our already successful referral partnership, this integration opens new doors for operators and reinforces our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for player protection and responsible gaming. Together, we’re excited to lead the way towards a safer and more secure industry.”

“The decision to fully integrate our Crucial Player Protection platform with W2’s platform was not just about technology, it is about combining our strengths to empower operators with the most robust tools for customer risk management and player protection,” the Chief Executive Officer for Crucial Compliance, Paul Foster, said.

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