Casinos, gaming machines and online gambling to be overseen by independent regulator in Ireland

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It is in compliance with a proposed new law that an Independent regulator should to be established for the gambling industry.

Informing the Cabinet, David Stanton the Minister of State for Equality, Immigration and Integration appealed the consent to draft a new general scheme of the Gambling Control Bill.

Since 2013, a proposed set of laws to straighten out the issue of gambling have been long forsaken and forgotten in the Department of Justice.

Covering ample aspects on the gambling sector, including the curtailments on gambling advertising, the Gambling Control Bill comprises of 90 pages.

The 2013 Bill also advised the establishment of a regulator for the sector within the Department of Justice – which will now be amended.

Alternatively, the establishment of an independent statutory authority to regulate the gambling industry in Ireland is proposed. The industry is autonomous to a large extent.


Duties of the regulator will be the overseeing of advertising, sports sponsorship, access for young people, a social fund for access to treatment and also prevalent information and research.

Due to the four year delay, a government spokesperson said the Bill needs updating if it is to address the changes in the gambling sector over the last few years, adding that the main concern is to “protect consumers and vulnerable people”.

The Bill will also include changes to the licensing system in Ireland, as well dealing with the issue of gaming machines.

It also includes measures to regulate online gambling, the regulation of casinos and the protection of children against gambling.

The Minister of State said that a large body of work has already been done, and that he will consult with stakeholders on the revised general scheme of the Bill.

The bookies say they also want the industry regulated.

They have also said that they want overseas online companies to be put on an even footing with indigenous Irish operators, with those companies subject to the same scrutiny and obligations as those with physical shops in Ireland.

Sharon Byrne the Chairperson of the Irish Bookmakers Association told last year that its members, which includes Paddy Power, Boylesports and Ladbrokes, are in support of legislation coming through.

While there is no specific timeframe for this legislation, Minister Stanton said it is his priority to deliver on gambling regulation this year.