Dutch Gambling Regulator Focuses on Minors Protection from Predatory Operators in 2018–2019 Agenda

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In compliance with the regulator’s Supervisory Agenda 2018–2019 one of the supreme priority of the Dutch Gaming Authority will be to defend minors from indulging in gambling activities over the next two years. This agenda of the regulatory body for the upcoming year was published on their official website on Monday.

Kansspelautoriteit said that they will see to it that the youngest and all members of the Netherlands’ population most prone to getting involved in such activities are protected and whether they are thoroughly shielded from being exposed to gambling, and are not allowed to engage in any activities that foster gambling.

In a Monday statement, the regulatory body specified that several unauthorized gambling operators who do not possess a valid licence particularly for the Netherlands were spotted of infringement regarding the laws related to extending of gambling services to minors. Kansspelautoriteit also pointed out that such illegitimate operators intentionally victimize the youth.

The regulator also noted that there might be providers of gaming and sports betting services that target minors unknowingly. However, Kansspelautoriteit believes the lack of proper age controls still needs to be addressed by such operators. The regulator will be exploring different approaches to address the issues surrounding gambling minors and their protection in the next two years.

The prevention of gambling customers from falling victims to addiction will also be part of Kansspelautoriteit’s 2018–2019 agenda. The Dutch Gaming Authority will work on identifying operators that do not address properly issues with players who gamble excessively and show clear signs of addiction or milder gambling problems.

Kansspelautoriteit’s Focus on Illegal Gambling

The Dutch Gaming Authority demonstrated growing intolerance towards the provision of unlicensed online gambling operations to Dutch players in 2017. The regulator plans to toughen its stance against such services even further in the years to come.

Kansspelautoriteit has pointed out on several occasions that it currently lacks enough power to crack down on unlicensed gambling operations more effectively. However, the Remote Gaming Bill, which awaits consideration from the Dutch Senate, will change this, giving the regulatory body extended authority over the regulation of gambling operations within the country’s borders and the punishment of those violating the rules.

Discussions over an overhaul of the Netherlands’ gambling regulatory framework have been taking place for years now. However, lawmakers have been slow to act on the implementation of new regulations. Under the country’s existing gambling laws, there is practically no way for international remote gaming and betting operators to apply for licenses from Kansspelautoriteit.

The Remote Gaming Bill will change that by introducing a framework for licensing and regulating such operators. The piece of legislation passed a House vote in the summer of 2016, and now needs approval from the Senate. It is believed that the country’s new regulations could take effect in early 2019, if the gambling bill is given the needed consideration this year.