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The Gaming Control Division is the law enforcement arm of the Indiana Gaming Commission. The Gaming Control Division was established during the 2007 legislative session and became operational on September 10, 2007.  The primary job of the Division is to investigate illegal gambling. However, the Gaming Control Officers have full police powers and can enforce all Indiana laws.

The Division has 16 officers.  The officers are certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. All of the current officers have at least eight years of law enforcement experience. They have also received specialized training in investigating illegal gambling.

The Division’s goal is to obtain voluntary compliance with the gambling laws through education. Enforcement efforts are also used to accomplish the mission of reducing illegal gambling.

The Division prioritizes investigations. The initial focus was on electronic gaming devices, often referred to as “Cherry Masters”, and as of January 1, 2015 a total of 6,000 illegal devices have been removed from operation by seizure and voluntary removal by distributors. Several illegal bookmaking operations and illegal poker establishments have also had enforcement action taken against them.

It is important to note that a business could lose its retail merchant’s certificate, alcohol beverage permit, tobacco sales certificate, and/or charity gaming license for a violation of gambling statutes. The Division uses a common sense approach in all facets of dealing with possible violations. As stated earlier, the goal is to have voluntary compliance and not necessarily make arrests.

To provide information on illegal gambling go to the Contact Us portion of the IGC Web page. Click on the Subject drop down and then Illegal Gambling Information. This information will be automatically routed to the Gaming Control Division. If you have any information that can help reduce illegal gambling or gaming crimes in Indiana you may call 1(866)610-TIPS(8477).  We will keep sources of information confidential.

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