India to set further controls on online gaming

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The Law Commission of India has come up with further oppositions against the online gaming services.

Although the Indian market is most confined globally, the online gaming industry could face further restrictions in compliance with a document of recommendations released by the country’s Law Commission yesterday. As per the report, the legal authority recommends legislators to authorise the online gaming market with firm conditions.

The Law Commission is in the process of preparing a proposal to submit to the Congress intending to establish online gaming operations that are legal and licensed. Nevertheless, the authorities do put forward ample oppositions to intercept problem gambling, money laundering and illegal activities of such kind associated with unregulated gaming industry.

One of the recommendations is to prevent citizens from betting over three times in the course of a year on online gaming sites. Furthermore, the Law Commission establishes that operators must collect “details of the player including income and total property to allow him or her to place a high or low stake bet,” as revealed by AGBrief.

The Law Commission of India has urged the contribution of state associations to carry out the official assessment about potential legal gaming operations. The government of India is determined to evaluate the possibility of legalising the gaming industry in order to boost the economic and touristic sectors. The report by the Law Commission is expected to be released next month.