Belgium to regulate advertising on iGaming

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Going forward the advertisings via online gaming platforms will be managed by the Belgian Government.

A bill regulating the advertising market with regard to online gaming businesses was passed by the Congress of Belgium. After reviewing the bill the national Government allegedly sent it to the European Commission with the intention of acquiring the ultimate approval to execute the new legislation restricting iGaming publicity.

Online casino industry, sports betting operations and the affiliate sectors are the ones that will be impacted by the potential legislation as it could confine the advertising strategies in regards of those industries at national level. The Council of Ministers of Belgium lately put forward the proposal and sent it to the European Commission this week.

In compliance with the new legislation, if approved by the European Commission, online gaming advertising would prohibit publicity on “bonuses except on licensed operators’ websites.” Moreover, the companies would be confined to send publicity to emails or telephones of current clients. The rest of the advertising strategies would be limited to licensed companies’ platforms.

Last year, the Belgian Council of Ministers favoured Minister of Justice Koen Geens’ proposal to set restrictions on gambling promotion, mainly on broadcast media. Since then, industry’s ads are banned from being broadcasted before 8 pm, from any live sporting events and even bars any gambling promotion messages from sports equipment and kits.