Italian Gambling Regulator introduces New Self-Exclusion Programme

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In its bid to help the problem gamblers, Agenzia delle dogane e dei Monopoli, Italy’s major gambling regulatory body, has introduced a new self-exclusion programme. This will be applicable throughout the country. The launch of the new programme arrives after the industry-wide public demand for the upgrading of the country’s existing responsible gambling measures for at-risk customers.

In the existing system, Italian problem gamblers need to file a single online form which will allow them to exclude themselves from all gambling companies that got their gambling license in Italy. The new self-exclusion programme will make things easier. It will provide problem gamblers with the opportunity to exclude themselves from every online gambling company that currently operates legally in Italy, irrespective of their country of registration.

The newly-unveiled self-exclusion programme will help gambling addicts stay away from a wider spectrum of online gambling platforms forever or for a fixed period of time. In case they want to take advantage of the new system, customers need to use the reference website of the gambling self-exclusion system. After a request is made by a player, operators would not only close their account, but would also make sure that the customer’s account is blocked from all gaming websites in the country.