Lawrence Ho makes clear that over six licensees in Macau are not required after the gaming concessions expire in 2020

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Lawrence Ho, the Chairman and Chief Executive of Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd, the Macau casino license holder made himself loud and clear at an event on Monday that after the current gaming concessions expire in 2020 or 2022, there is no need for more than six licensees in Macau.

He emphasised that “It’s really up to the [Macau] government… I would support… [the status quo] because at the end of the day, the six concessionaires have done quite a lot over the last 15 years. I think [it depends]… on what the Chinese government wants. They do want more growth in non-gaming rather than gaming. So it doesn’t make that much sense to have more [casino] licences.”

While concluding Ho added: “Melco [Resorts] has always done, from a diversification or a non-gaming standpoint – in my opinion – more than most of our competitors. So, we are very confident on that basis that we listened to the Macau government 10 years ago in terms of what they wanted. So, I think we want to… continue to be good partners.”

He said He is confident that Melco Resorts will re-obtain a gaming license after 2022 when the company’s current concession expires.