Premier Lotteries Ireland adjures the Government to spare National Lottery from threat

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The Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI),  which provides online and in-store lottery services in Ireland, called on the country’s government to halt offshore companies that offer betting on draws.

The Irish Sun newspaper reported that PLI met with a number of ministers to discuss the issue in an effort to establish a “legislative solution to prevent damage to the sustainability of the National Lottery and Good Cause Fund”.

Companies that allow customers to bet on the outcome of a draw are spared from making a donation to good causes, but punters are still able to win jackpot prizes.

The newspaper stated that:  “PLI is pushing for a similar law that is in place in the UK whereby bets on the national draw are not allowed.”

A spokeswoman for PLI said: “The National Lottery is concerned at the growth of unregulated, offshore, bet-on-lottery operators over the last 18 months. The parasitic activities of these lotteries are posing a serious threat to the National Lottery, and in turn, the millions raised annually for good causes.”

“We urge the government to take urgent action to protect the National Lottery from this threat. The National Lottery was set up with the express purpose of raising funds for good causes.”

“There is a loophole in the current regulatory environment which allows betting on the outcome of lotteries, and offshore betting companies — underwritten by insurance policies — are exploiting this loophole.”

In response, a spokesman for Ireland’s for Public Expenditure said that it would be “engaging further” with PLI and the country’s gambling regulator “in respect of reviewing the impacts of these online betting websites on the Irish National Lottery and in examining any potential actions that could be considered to address these issues”.