Switzerland to decide on International operators

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The Swiss government is all prepared to organise a referendum to take decisions on online gambling operators possessing international licenses.

Gambling operators authorised internationally endured a significant setback in Europe on account of the Swiss legislators vote to oppose operations to land-based casino operators. The voters could ultimately have their final word on the matter as a referendum could promptly take place in the country.

In compliance with the new law, Swiss internet service providers (ISPs) will block the domains of unauthorised gambling sites. Internet Society Switzerland Chapter (ISOC-CH) and three political parties are gathering signatures to organise a referendum on this issue. They have a timeframe of until January 18 to reach 50k signatures though they already possess 65k only 25k has been certified.

As per the youth organisation of Switzerland’s Free Democratic Party’s (FDP) President Andri Silberscmidt, the challenging group wants to avoid “digital isolation” as they argue the government cannot start banning online possibilities for players. He said “Freedom for the economy and the internet, has great support in Switzerland.”