The Danish Gambling Authority

Englandsgade 25, 6. sal Odense 5000 DK

The Danish Gambling Authority is an executive authority under the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

We are responsible for ensuring a well-regulated gambling market in Denmark where players are protected against unfair and illegal gambling.

Our work

The Danish Gambling Authority is tasked with the administration of gambling legislation, including lotteries, betting, online casinos, gaming machines, public poker tournaments, and land-based casinos.
Our key duties include issuing licences to provide gambling, supervision of gambling operators, and monitoring the gambling industry. Other important tasks include international cooperation, ensuring responsible gambling, and advisory services.

The Danish Gambling Authority’s history

The Danish Gambling Authority was formed in 2000 within the Danish Ministry of Taxation.

The first ten years of our existence, our primary task was to control the gaming machines that were placed in the gambling arcades, restaurants, and kiosks, etc.

Moreover, we supervised the seven land-based casinos in Denmark and Danske Spil, which had a monopoly on the supply of betting and lottery.

At the same time, we issued licences to the holding of charity lotteries and bingos. From 2012, this changed significantly when the present Act on Gambling became effective. Today, everyone who applies and obtains a licence can provide gambling in Denmark. (However, lotteries are still exempted, as Danske Lotteri Spil still has a monopoly). Consequently, the Danish Gambling Authority became an independent authority with its own director as of 1 January 2013.

An authority with many addresses

About 100 employees work at the office in Odense, while the remaining 20 work at other locations in Copenhagen and in Jutland. Those are the supervisors who inspect gambling premises around the country.

During the first year, the Danish Gambling Authority located in tax centre in Høje Taastrup. In 2015 moved to new offices at Havneholmen in Copenhagen and in 2016 main office moved to Odense. The move was caused by the government’s relocation plans for state workplaces.



Organisation of the DGA

The Danish Gambling Authority’s values

We ensure the framework for a fair gambling market

The Danish Gambling Authority is tasked with ensuring a fair and well-regulated gambling market for the benefit of gamblers and gambling operators. We issue relevant licences for the supply of gambling in Denmark, and we conduct risk-based inspections in the area.

We carry out analyses of the gambling market and we provide lucid and transparent guidance and information. It is a prerequisite for our work, that we are forward-looking and dynamic in relation to the constant developments in the market. Accordingly, we exchange knowledge and experiences with other countries about supply of gambling and gambling regulation.

Our approach is characterised by transparency and dialogue. We focus on constructively collaborating with our stakeholders, and our managers and employees professionally solve our many challenging tasks with great involvement. Our expertise go hand in hand with our dedication to ensuring a legal and safe gambling market in Denmark.

We take responsibility and cooperate on the task and in the day-to-day decisions. Together with the other authorities under the Danish Ministry of Taxation, the Danish Gambling Authority ensures the foundation for the funding of the public sector.


The Danish Gambling Authority takes pride in efficiently supervising gambling operators. We take a professional approach to our work and are experts in our field. We build our administration on a high level of professionalism and dedication.


The Danish Gambling Authority has room for differences, which means that we allow for differences and are open to new ideas. We highly prioritise team spirit, job-satisfaction, and trust. Mutual respect for each other is essential to the way we manage our activities.


The Danish Gambling Authority is at the forefront of industry developments and dares to break new grounds. We are open to new perspectives in our supervision and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders. Gambling is internationally anchored, and thus it is vital that we focus on gambling developments in other countries.


The Danish Gambling Authority takes responsibility for a well-regulated and a fair gambling market. We focus on the protection of players as well as the protection of children, young persons, and vulnerable persons. We strive to provide information and guidance on the framework for legal gambling.

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Online legislation:

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