Secretaría de Gobernación, Justicia y Descentralización

Torre 2, Boulevard Juan Pablo II Tegucigalpa 11101 HN

Institutional mission

We are the governing institution regarding the government of the interior of the republic, governance, access to justice and decentralization, contributing to a democratic culture, local development, with transparency and citizen participation for cultural social welfare and honor of the general population.


Institutional vision

To be the benchmark institution in public, transparent, efficient and inclusive management, helping to guarantee access to governance, justice and decentralization of the state as fundamental components to strengthen democracy.


Institutional strategic objectives

Promote governance and local development with citizen participation and transparency by generating capacities in the national territory.
Promote sectoral decentralization processes through the transfer of powers, functions, associated services, capacities and allocation of state resources to achieve management efficiency at the local level.
Strengthen the rule of law and the democratic culture by implementing alternative mechanisms for conflict resolution that contribute to social coexistence, a culture of justice and peace.


Online legislation: No online gambling regulation.

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