Secretaria Ejecutiva Junta de Control de Juegos (Panama)


The Gaming Control Board is a State institution created by Decree Law No. 19 of May 8, 1947, under the dependence of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which assumes on behalf and benefit of the latter and; the exploitation, control, authorization, supervision and control of the Games of Luck and Chance and Activities that originate Bets that are carried out in or from the Republic of Panama.

This power of the State is exercised in all those activities whose result depends on luck and chance. Being these, the Raffles, Tombolas, Commercial Promotions, Transitory Games (Roulettes, Choclo, Alto y Bajo, Pinta, etc.), Transitory Bingos, Televised Bingos, Merchandise Clubs, Slot Machine Rooms, Complete Casinos , Sports Event Betting Agencies, Bingo Halls, Type “C” Machine Rooms, and Games of Luck and Chance over the Internet.

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