The Instituto de Loteria y Casinos

Calle 46 Nº 581 La Plata Buenos Aires B1900 AR

The Instituto de Loteria y Casinos is an independent, autonomous and decentralized state entity dedicated to the exploitation and administration of games of chance in the province of Buenos Aires. Based on this premise, it ensures that the resources produced are distributed for the benefit of the community and the development of public policies based on social inclusion and collective participation.

Therefore, through the revenues generated by its 4,350 Official Agencies, 45 Bingo Halls, 12 Casinos and 5 Racetracks, most of its resources are directly transferred to the Ministry of Economy, Social Development, Health, Security, Infrastructure, Housing and Public Services, the Transplant Fund, the Department of Culture and Education, the Provincial Education Fund, the Fund for the Strengthening of Social Programs, the Special Theater Fund, the Secretariat of Children and Adolescents and the Municipalities.

The Institute has two delegations:

– Mar del Plata Delegation

– Bahía Blanca Delegation

Online legislation:

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